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Employee’s expenses
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Department: Administration
Industry: CrossIndustry
Languages: EN
Created: 8/5/2016
Last update: 7/18/2018
Apps in package:
Easy and understandable process
Employees have easy access to their documents and may check the status of their expense request.
Take a photo of a receipt or an invoice, attach it to an expense request and send for acceptance. It has never been so easy!
Evidence and control
With collective cost statement you can perform detailed analysis and present data in charts.
The application for employee’s expenses management works in an intuitive way for both the employee and supervisor or accounting. The user describes a cost, enters an amount, attaches a photo of receipt and sends this request for acceptance. The request goes to the supervisor. After her/his acceptance it returns to the employee who makes the printout. Accounting receives a request to be posted. After posting process ends.

People involved in the process:
  • Employee
  • Superior
  • HR department
  • Accounting

Release Notes:
Version 1.0.0