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Department: CrossDepartamental
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Created: 3/14/2018
Last update: 10/25/2018
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Simple and effective workflow
In the first step, we fill out information about the invoice. In the next application goes to the acceptance.
Cost control!
Thanks to reports tailored to your needs, you can freely filter costs in the organization. Below the table there is a graphical adjustment of costs after a month and a supplier.
User friendly system
The simple and intuitive interface makes using the application extremely pleasant! The system accurately informs which data must be filled in and which must be drawn from stitched tables.
The application consists of two modules. The first module is used to enter supplier data. After selecting the delivery, we highlight its basic data and the person who is assigned to accept the given cost. The completed application verifies the person assigned to the supplier. At the moment when the amount exceeds the acceptable limit, then the application goes to double acceptance.

The second module is a report. The report includes a summary of all costs. We can filter costs by year, month and supplier. In addition, below are two charts showing the costs after a month and after the supplier so that we can better control.
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