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Created: 3/14/2018
Last update: 2/5/2020
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Simple and effective workflow
Application enables managing workflow, divided into two major steps: providing necessary data on your invoice and subsequently sending it for approval.
Cost control!
Thanks to reports tailored to your needs, you can easily track costs in your organization. Application offers numerous graphical features, such as visualization of costs by month or by supplier.
User-friendly interface
Very simple and intuitive interface. Application accurately indicates pieces of information that must be manually typed in, while others are being loaded automatically from related tables.
Application contains two modules. 
The first one is used for providing necessary data
on suppliers, amounts and dates. After selecting delivery details, users are prompted to assign the invoice to the right approver. Application assures verification of approvers, based on their area of responsibilities. When the amount exceeds predefined limits, the invoice is sent for a second-level acceptance.

The second module is used for reporting. Reports include a summary of all costs. Users are able to filter costs by year, month and supplier and view them in a form of easy-to-read tables. In addition to tables, reporting module contains various charts, so that business users can maintain better control over their costs.

All calculations, business rules and workflow can be easily adjusted to your organization needs.
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