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IT Equipment Manager
Created by:eNovem
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Department: IT
Industry: CrossIndustry
Languages: EN
Created: 9/18/2018
Last update: 11/26/2018
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Equipment management
The IT equipment administrator can register newly purchased equipment (also multiple items from excel file), change storage location, launch process of preparation/return/exchange of equipment.
Equipment handover
The IT equipment administrator can selected available in the storage equipment and assign it to a specific user, with following predefined equipment preparation steps .
The IT equipment administrator can follow up users and equipment, as well as status of processes via 6 predefined reports.
The application supports the following processess:

  • Handover / return / exchange of IT equipment for/from an employee
  • Registration of new equipment along with assigning an identification number
  • Manual export/import of data from/to excel
  • Upload/download/archiving of documents (serial number, invoice, guarantees, user manual)
  • Assignment of equipment to the employee
  • Managing of IT users data
  • Activities related to configuration/preparation of a PC/phone for new / released employee
  • Personalized and configurable notifications via email
  • Reports on the equipment inventory / history of the equipment / history of employee  
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