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Employee performance review
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Created: 8/18/2016
Last update: 7/18/2018
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Process suited to you!
Our application enables easy implementation and enforcement of corporate HR policies.
Data visualisation
Graphical presentation gives a broader look at the whole data and is much more interesting.
Simple and efficient workflow!
No more complicated workflows that consume a lot of time and contribute to nothing! In our application nothing is accidental! Simple but effective workflow is the key to achieve success!
Managing the process of employee’s evaluation is an important element in any organization and should not be ignored. Proper management of this increases employees' motivation and hence effectiveness of their work increases.

How our application works:
1) At the beginning of the year an employee meets her/his team leader. They analyze the plans for the upcoming year. All plans are saved in our application on the Qalcwise platform.
2) Approved plans are saved on the Qalcwise platform. Both supervisor and employee have access to them, so if there is a need, they can add new plans during the year.
3) At the end of the year, the second meeting is held, recapping the year. The employee discusses with her/his supervisor what has been achieved and reviews plans completion on the Qalcwise platform.
4) Ready list of achievements goes to the supervisor, who assesses effectiveness and potential of the employee.
5) The completed evaluation is sent to the HR department, which after verification sends its to the archive.

Staff evaluation system provides information for HR. It shows how an employee can cope with tasks, what are her/his strengths and weaknesses. It affects the decision on new employment. This has implications for the effective management of the organization in question. An important advantage of this system is that an employee receives feedback on their work.


Increased work confidence
Clear goals and assessment criteria
Appreciation for employee’s work
Feedback from HR facilitating employees' development

Control over employees’ work
Better contacts with employees
Clear information about employee’s promotion /dismissal 

Talents promotion
Detection of inefficient employees
Staff appraisal system is not accidental
Release Notes:
Version 1.0.0