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Department: CrossDepartamental
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Created: 3/9/2018
Last update: 4/3/2018
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Easy to use forms!
The candidate's data, along with his / her rating and comment, are clearly readable and accessible to every user involved in the recruitment process.
Efficient workflow
With the built-in workflow, all users involved in the recruitment process, receive information related to the recruitment project on a regular basis.
Short 3-step process
The application for the recruitment process allows you to send a request for a new vacancy, manage candidates and handle recruitment interviews.

The recruitment application allows you to manage all recruitment projects in your company. Managers can apply for a new vacancy, which, after approval by the decision makers, can be processed further. Moreover, recruiters can manage candidate data and assign them to specific recruitment projects using the application. In addition, after the interview, the recruiter can make an assessment and add comments about the candidate. With our application, your decision to hire a new employee will be as easy as never before!  


• Quick and easy access to current recruitment information on a given project
• Intuitive forms where you complete all necessary information about the candidate
• Ability to customize the application for your company
• Automation of the process

Release Notes:
Version 1.0