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Apps, Lists and Tables

Qalcwise is a complete Businsess App Development Platform. It has a database built in, where you design dictionaries and stores for use with advanced apps. But it's not neccessary for simpler and quicker apps.

Assign your apps to workspaces

Just drag-and-drop your apps, lists and tables to a Workspace. It's that simple. Or,… drag a workspace onto your App. As you wish.

Create a new app

Let's start. A new application. Here is your designer workspace.

App and its flow

Check these tabs. App - this is where our application's look and calculation are designed. Workflow - this is where we define responsibilities and access.

Designer tools

On your right you will find designer tools. Define information about your application, a library of widgets you can use and a database.


This is a set of your widgets. Drag a spreadsheet onto your design, slider, text edit,… This library is everexpanding. One of the coolest features of Qalcwise design is that you can decide when a widget is visible to a user, based on your own formula. Just find a property "visible" and type or click your formula in.

Responsive design

Drag your widgets on your design. Now try to resize your browser. Your spreadsheets rearrange. This is responsive design. Cool, isn't it? Yes, this is how it will behave on tablet or smartphone.


Another cool feature is that your design is mobile aware. You, as a designer, decide which widgets appear on mobile devices. If you know, that managers will only open your app on mobile, leave the only Key Numbers and a Thumb Approval. That will do.


Each element of your design has it's properties. Most of properties can be calculated. Try it out. Experiment.


There is a database tab on your right. If you designed a list, now you can drag it onto your app. Drag it onto a spreadsheet, you'll get a dropdown, Drag it on a table object, you will get a table. Once you design your app, it will become a source of data for others.


Here you can define all your workflow. Who-can-do-what and under what conditions. If your spreadsheet calculates sales you use that cell to set approval formula. You can also send e-mail or save data to database using a formula. Hiding some portions of your design at different stage of an app is also just another formula. Using workflow combined with formulas, you can decide, which portion of your spreadsheet is visible and which editable. This is endless possibilities.

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