Qalcwise Marketplace

Working with Qalcwise as a user. Single workspace
for your business communication.

Your Work Board

Single place to work
This is the place where you get all your latest messages, apps and activities. Click on Qalcwise logo '+' to find your way home.

Your focus

Stay focused, work less
This … switch lets you focus on what is important and avoid distraction. Switch focus on and you'll get only this messages which require your attention or this which you have marked as important to work on.


Share, learn and collaborate
These are public or private places where communication takes place. Visit those if you need to know on what is hot in a specific area. You'll be notified if there are news by Workspaces changing colors.


Get the business info
This is a place that gives a summary of each workspace. Most important information at a glance.


It's all about communication
You can also communicate with your teammates directly.

Messages, files and apps

Share and work on business content
Qalcwise gives you more. Not only you can communicate, share files, comment. Now you can also run Apps that will actually calculate your message! Literally. All apps that you have access to are availble at your Work Board. You can also find apps in Workspaces.


You can add dates to your messages. Actions required by apps can also have dates. Don't worry, there is a SNOOZE button.

Focus Flag

Pin your interest by setting a Focus Flag. This is the key to productivity. Helps avoiding multitasking.


This is cool. We believe, this is the first search that can actually sum your content up. Search for an App:Sales @Jones in:June and you'll see all sales opportunities and… their total. Qalcwise speaks business.

One click filter

Use quick filters to find messages, apps or files. This might be helpful.

Working with Apps

Some messages you can see on your Work Board or in Workspaces are Apps that require your attention. Just click on it. You can also run an App clicking on this button … <App Button>.

Design your own apps

Business Spreadsheets Redefined

The Business Applications.Cloud